There’s a family dentist in Toronto for you

Somehow, we give more thought to a family doctor than we do to a family dentist. It’s a little misguided, because dental health should be a family priority – for young and old (and in the middle). The truth is, dental health should be far more proactive and far less reactive – the idea of going to the dentist only when a tooth aches is not productive. And when children are involved, it’s even more important to be preventive. Simply put, dental health should be an integral part of general health, and a good family dentist can fit the bill.

For a family dentist in Toronto, it’s important to choose sensibly, according to the specific needs of the family.  After all, the family dentist will likely be there for the long term – and quite often a lifetime. In many cases, the kids grow up around the same dentist, and continue from baby teeth, to braces, to molar extractions. Again, another reason to choose wisely, and to make sure that needs and priorities are accommodated. Whatever the case, quality dental work should always be at the top of the checklist.

Family dentists focus on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. And a good dentist will take the time to do a thorough job, with care and attention, and with good “bedside” manner. For that matter, a good dental clinic will have hygienists, specialists and office staff who will be at your service. And while providing professional attention, they will do their best to provide an environment that is comfortable and stress-free. Finally, there should be ample time to during an appointment to review treatment plans.

For those with dental insurance coverage, routine dental health is more affordable. For those without, it’s something that the family dentist should be sensitive about. And depending on how the dentist handles these issues, it might make a difference in choosing between one dentist and another. In the end, you’re the patient, and you have to decide what’s best. Since every family has different priorities, you can only do your best in satisfying those priorities to the best of your abilities.

With a family dentist, there’s usually a lifetime of dental health needs. And with parents and children both aging, those needs are ever changing – they may be basic, or they may be more complex – but a good dental clinic will be able to address most, if not all of the needs.

General Dentistry

In addition to preventive measures, the primary goal of the family dentist is to diagnose and treat teeth and gum related issues, including the repair and restoration of broken teeth.

Teeth Whitening

While tooth colour is personal and individual, whitening is an effort to match the “natural” colour of the teeth, within a reasonable range. There are various methods and applications.

Dental Implants

In some cases, a dental implant becomes necessary. This is a surgical procedure designed to replace roots with a dental fixture that will serve as an “artificial” replacement tooth.

Additional dental procedures during the lifetime of a patient might include Cerec Crowns (ceramic reconstruction), treatment for Bruxism (grinding of teeth), and specialized care for Periodontal Disease (gum disease).