CBCT Technology in Yorkville Toronto

Our dentists and specialists at Accolade Dental use CBCT dental technology to get detailed, three dimensional images of the mouth. This helps us provide more precise diagnosis to our Yorkville patients.

What is Dental CBCT?

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a special type of dental x-ray technology that creates three dimensional images of your mouth, teeth, bones, soft tissues and nerve paths. 

Our dentists and specialists use CBCT when more detailed images are required than a regular x-ray would produce. These detailed images allow for precise treatment planning.

A CBCT scan is quick (about 20 seconds), comfortable (there is no need to lie down inside a machine, they are done standing up) and have less radiation than a hospital grade CT scan.

It is especially useful in the diagnosis and treatment planning of bone related issues.

Our team uses CBCT technology when required to provide accurate and precise diagnosis and treatment for dental implants, orthodontic treatments and TMJ issues.

CBCT Technology | Accolade Dental Centre | Toronto

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