Dental X Rays in Yorkville Toronto

At The Accolade Dental Centre in Toronto (Yorkville), our team uses digital radiography technology (digital x-rays) instead of traditional film x-rays.

Why We Use Digital X-rays?

Less Radiation

Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90 percent.


Digital x-rays produce a high-resolution image of your teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissues to screen for and help identify problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw.


There is no need for processing in a darkroom. Images quickly appear on the computer monitors in our treatment rooms, and they can be instantly shared for consultation amongst our team of dentists and specialists. These images can also be emailed to other dentists or providers.

Patient Education

Because we can display the x-rays on the monitors in our treatment rooms, we can show you in detail any issues in your mouth and walk you through your treatment plan. Our goal is to make sure our patients are fully informed about their oral health and treatment plans – and digital x-ray technology help us do that.

Why We Use Panoramic X-ray Technology?

Panoramic X-ray technology produces one image of your whole mouth, allows our dentists to accurate evaluate and diagnosis problems like bone abnormalities and fractures, cysts, impacted teeth, infections and tumors. 

If your dentist suspects these kinds of problems, they may recommend a panoramic x-ray be done.

Panoramic x-rays can also be useful in developing orthodontic treatment plans.

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