If you are interested in assisting your orthodontic treatment (like Invisalign®), AcceleDent™ might be for you. Talk to our Yorkville dentists to see if AcceleDent™ is right for you!

What is AcceleDent™

AcceleDent™ is a small, hands-free device that fits over your orthodontic treatment (like your Invisalign® aligners) and emits a series of small vibrations called “micropulses”.

These vibrations can assist your treatment process, by aiming to stimulate the roots of your teeth, with the goal of encouraging tooth movement and assist in bone remodelling.

Some patients have said it helps reduces discomfort and pain associated with their orthodontic treatment.

The AcceleDent™ device is lightweight, and treatment is quick (less than 30 minutes a day), painless, and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home.

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