The importance of mouthguards

To emphasize the real importance of mouthguards, one question does it all. How would it be to lose one, or two, or three of your front teeth? Well, in short, everything would be different. The good news is that it’s preventable. And with mouthguards, the risk of broken teeth is reduced, as well as additional injury to the tongue, mouth and jaw.

Mouthguards comes in all shapes and sizes. They are often referred to as mouth protectors, and will typically cover the upper teeth. Mouthguards are an excellent way to protect the lips, tongue, and of course, teeth. And for those who participate in organized sports, mouthguards are an essential piece of equipment in preventing injuries.

Studies show that athletes not wearing mouthguards are 60 times more likely to experience damage to the teeth than those who wear mouthguards. Clearly, contact sports are higher-risk for mishap, but dental injuries also occur in non-contact sports like gymnastics and skating. In each of these cases, dentists will recommend mouthguards.

At the Accolade Dental Centre, mouthguards have become an area of specialization for patients of all ages. The brand-of-choice, Under Armour Mouth Wear, is available for every sport and every athletic pursuit. Under Armour mouthguards are designed to provide proper protection and reduce the undesirable tendency to clench the teeth.

The team at the Accolade Dental Centre can also recommend appropriate mouthguards for the non-contact sports – they’re ideal for running, jogging, and weight lifting. And in addition to protection, they are designed to optimize air intake, increase endurance, and enhance reaction time. Clearly, today’s mouthguards are purposefully designed.

For contact sports, Under Armour mouthguards are designed to counter the negative effects of clenching teeth, while providing a comfortable fit. These mouthguards have a dentist-designed fit, making for easy breathe and talking. Under Armour mouthguards deliver the required protection, without compromising any athletic performance.

Beyond protecting the teeth, mouthguards can also help prevent damage to the jaw. In fact, industry studies show that properly fitted mouthguards can lessen the risk of concussions. At the end of the day, injury prevention is key, and for the team at the Accolade Dental Centre, patients are encouraged to be safe and sound, not sorry.

With Under Armour mouthguards, it’s important to ensure perfect fit and comfort, whatever the sport. Under Armour mouthguards are quality built for the long-term, and the staff at Accolade Dental Centre can help select the right product for the given sport.  Best of all, Under Armour products come with their Universal Guarantee.

Whether mouthguards are custom-fit (dentist-designed) or “boil and bite”, it’s preferable to have dentist supervision. As a patient, the dental team can recommend a product to suit, and can suggest options for those who wear braces or other dental appliances. This is not the right time for easy options or shortcuts – it’s just too risky.

Today, studies show that fully one third of dental injuries are related to sports. And the truth is, mouthguards can prevent those injuries. Why take chances. and why take the risk?