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The brand name CEREC refers to CEramic REConstruction – a sophisticated dental procedure that was developed for the purpose of creating dental restorations. It’s a procedure that uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to allow a dentist to fabricate and insert a ceramic restoration in a single office visit.

In the past, dental procedures like crowns and veneers involved several visits to the dentist. At the first appointment, the tooth in question was prepped; an impression was taken; and everything was sent to a dental lab. In the interim, the dentist fabricated a “temporary” tooth while the dental lab prepared the final product.

The “old” way took about 10 business days, at which time the patient would have to return to the office for an additional procedure to complete the operation. Today, with CEREC technology, patients arrive for ONLY ONE appointment, at which time the entire procedure is expedited and completed – and with great results.

With CEREC, the process is made much more simple and easy – there’s no need for messy impressions and no need for a temporary restoration while the patient waits for the lab work. In fact, during one routine office visit, a 3D digital camera images the entire mouth, and sends the image to an associated computer.

Aided by the computer’s precise imaging, the dentist can design the so-called “new” tooth while the patient observes. The design work is immediately forwarded to an appliance, at which time the “new” tooth is milled using hi-tech diamond-coated instruments. The actual ceramic material is custom shaded by the dentist.

When using the services of a laboratory, its possible for mistakes and mismatches to happen – that means sending back the material for corrective work – and that means more time an more waiting. Thankfully, this kind of problematic situation is fully eliminated when the CEREC technology is used.

With everything happening on-site, CEREC allows the dentist to be involved hands-on, and that includes choosing the perfect shade for the “new” tooth. As well, in the event that changes or adjustments are required, the work can be expedited then and there. When completed, the final tooth can be polished and cemented into place.

The CEREC ceramic reconstruction process takes less than three hours. And while it sounds like a lengthy appointment, it’s not necessary for the patient to be confined to the dentist’s chair for the entire duration. There is complete freedom for the patient to walk around, to get a coffee, or to catch up on emails.

The team at the Accolade Dental Centre is at your service. All of our professional services are delivered with proficiency and precision, and every patient receives the very highest level of dental care. And when it comes to CEREC reconstruction, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

The team at the Accolade Dental Centre combines state-of-the-art technology with the skill, experience and expertise of trained professionals. For you, our patient, it means a clinic environment where health and wellbeing is a priority every day.


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