Thinking of getting Dentures? At The Accolade Dental Centre in Yorkville we make, clean and adjust dentures for our patients looking to replace some, or all, of their teeth.

Partial Dentures

Candidates for partial dentures are those people who have some of their natural teeth remaining, with gaps between them where teeth are missing.

It is a removeable apparatus that easily fits securely on the gums to fill the space between the natural teeth with replacement teeth.

A partial denture can be made from acrylic, metal or both, and is constructed with a gum colored base that holds the replacement teeth, with a clasp to hold it in position in the mouth.

Although dentures are most commonly thought of as being for elderly patients, this is simply not the case. There are many reasons why people may require partial dentures, regardless of their age. They may have only lost one or a few of their teeth, possibly in an accident for example, and require a partial denture to fill the space where their teeth are missing.

In addition to the cosmetic benefit provided by a partial denture, it will also prevent the possibility of your other teeth from coming out of line due to the space created by missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

While partial dentures are used to fill spaces created by one or more missing teeth, complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing.

It can therefore take some time to get used to the awkward feeling of having complete dentures, since they are resting on your gums.

With natural teeth, the impact of chewing food is absorbed by the teeth which are firmly rooted within the gums, but dentures are resting on the gum line, with the attached teeth fastened into the denture.

This results in the gums absorbing the impact of chewing, and can take some time before a resistance is built up.

This can cause mild discomfort at first, so it is recommended to start with softer foods that are easy to chew.

Within time you can build up to regular eating habits and eventually the dentures will feel like a familiar part of your everyday routine.

Caring For Your Dentures

For the first few days after getting your dentures, you may be advised to wear them all the time, even while sleeping. This may not be comfortable in the short term, but is the best way to find out if any part of the dentures need to be adjusted.

After any necessary adjustments are completed, the regular routine will be to remove your dentures before going to sleep. This will give your gum tissues time to rest, while being naturally stimulated and cleansed by your tongue and saliva.

You will need to clean your dentures like you would take care of natural teeth, since they can build up plaque and tartar in the same way.

Our office will be happy to provide you with clear, easy to follow steps explaining the best way to care for your dentures. The dentures can then simply be placed back into your mouth the next morning.

We’re Here to Help

Missing teeth can make some people feel self-conscious about their appearance when smiling, laughing or posing for pictures, and dentures can be a great solution to this problem.

Our team at The Accolade Dental Centre understand the emotional impact that missing teeth can have, and we receive great satisfaction from providing solutions for our patients, restoring their self-esteem and giving them a smile they can be proud of.

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