Mouth Guards

If you, or your child, play a sport where you might sustain a head injury (like football, hockey, soccer or basketball), a custom sports mouth guard can help protect your teeth and mouth. Talk to our Toronto dentists about a custom appliance.

Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are highly recommended and should be used by anyone participating in a contact sport: football; boxing; soccer; ice hockey; basketball; lacrosse; or field hockey. It applies to both children and adults when there is a risk of injury to the teeth or mouth. The benefit from using a protective mouth guard will far outweigh any discomfort or awkwardness. Indeed, even one prevented injury or wound will make a mouth guard investment well worthwhile.

Beyond the contact sports, coaches and dental professionals will recommend using a mouth guard during non-contact sports like gymnastics, skateboarding, or mountain biking.

The fact is, accidents and mishaps do happen, and the potential during a highly physical activity is increased.

The benefit of a mouth guard is protection – it protects everything inside the mouth – the teeth, lips, tongue, and soft tissue.

And even with an injury, damage is significantly reduced.

The risk of experiencing a mouth-related injury or tooth-related damage isn’t worth it.

A mouth guard can prevent a chipped tooth, a broken tooth, even a lost tooth. And the options are numerous – you can choose a standard, pre-formed mouth guard that just slips into the mouth, without any adjustment, or you can choose a more customized mouth guard that fits tightly around the teeth and gums after heating. Needless to say, the custom approach provides more comfort.

For the best overall fit, comfort and protection, a dentist can create a mouth guard that is totally customized.

An exact impression of the teeth and gums is made, sent of to a special laboratory, and manufactured into a final appliance. These appliances are industry endorsed and provide the very best protection.

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