Laser Dentistry in Yorkville Toronto

We use laser dentistry at The Accolade Dental Centre in Yorkville, as an alternative for dental procedures, typically resulting in a less pain and a shorter recovery time.

Why Use Laser Dentistry?

Using lasers in dental treatments and procedures is a relatively new application of the technology.

At The Accolade Dental Centre, our dentists and specialists believe that lasers dental procedures can help their dental patients achieve the smile they want with less pain and a shorter recovery time.

Lasers are used in dental treatments for soft tissue modification, preventative care, retraction for crowns or bridges, to reduce gummy smiles and crown lengthening.

Laser technology can even help eliminate canker sores and reduces the healing time for cold sores.

They also help reduce healing time after procedures and surgeries, perhaps because the laser technology leads to less bleeding and swelling than traditional methods.

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