Teeth Whitening in Toronto

Posted Jul 30th, 2018 in Hygiene

Teeth Whitening in Toronto

These days, teeth whitening procedures have become commonplace. Whitening agents are much safer than they were in the past, and deliver much more effective results. The treatment is becoming increasingly popular from a cosmetic point of view, and as costs become more affordable, men and women become more amenable. Along with the popularity, however, comes the high expectations, and from time to time, patients are experiencing dissatisfaction with their results. The thing is, nature didn’t intend for teeth to be “super white”, and there’s really no dental procedure that will give a patient teeth that are as white as snow.

For teeth whitening in Toronto, The Accolade Dental Centre has an ideal approach for patients’ expectations. Patients are told that the whitest their teeth can possibly become is as white as the whites of their eyes! Just by example, patients with excessively yellow teeth can expect teeth to be two shades whiter after treatment. But even with the most advanced whitening systems, there is always going to be variability in results – some patients could experience three shades of whiteness, others may not notice much at all. The best is to start off with expectations that are realistic, and to put your trust in the dental professional.

There are many reasons for teeth to become discolored. It could be a matter of age, it could be the kind of food and drink that we consume, or it could be something specific like smoking. And although the store shelves are full of tooth whitening products, the best approach to tooth whitening is the professional approach – under the supervision of a dentist. The truth is, beyond your personal desire for whiter teeth, your dentist has the competence to diagnose any underlying reasons for tooth discoloration, after all, tooth health is clearly a more important consideration than tooth whitening.

If you’re considering professional teeth whitening in Toronto, you owe it to yourself to know about the pros and cons of the procedure. At The Accolade Dental Centre, we believe that an informed patient makes better decisions, especially when in collaboration with the dental team. As our patient, we have a vested interest in your oral health AND your general health, and we’ll recommend the best approach for your teeth whitening, making sure you fully understand the ins and outs. We also believe that our in-office treatment, supervised by one of our dentists, is far preferable to any of the over-the-counter products.

To be sure, professional teeth whitening procedures do not compromise tooth enamel and have been proven to be safe. The results are, of course, dependent on various factors including age, personal eating habits, and general health. You can also rest assured that our staff will not be making wild claims and promises about our treatment protocol. As a patient, you can prolong the effects of whitening by watching what you eat and drink; by maintaining good oral hygiene habits; and by committing to regular dentist visits. This may well be a life-long relationship, so why not get off to a good start.

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