Under Armour Performance Mouthwear

Protecting the mouth, and consequently the teeth, is something that can’t be underrated. At The Accolade Dental Centre we consider prevention and protection to be a priority, and we encourage our patients to take the greatest of care when it comes to their mouth and teeth.

Today, many sports organizations already have rules and regulations that govern the use of safety equipment – like obligatory helmets, body protection and face shields. But protecting the teeth has become more of a personal responsibility than a rule or regulation.

Mouth guards have proven to be a very effective way to protect the mouth, the lips and the teeth. At The Accolade Dental Centre, Under Armour Performance Mouth Wear is available for every age group, for every sport you can imagine, and for every athletic endeavor.

Under Armour performance mouth wear is engineered to provide more than just personal protection. The mouthpieces and mouthguards also maximize airflow, and diminish tooth clenching, both of which contribute to better athletic performance during activities.

For non-contact sports, the ArmourBite® Mouthpiece has been designed to move naturally with the jaw during running, lifting, training, and the like. The idea is to optimize air intake, and increase endurance, which in turn boosts reaction time and response time.

For contact sports, the ArmourBite® Mouthguard is uniquely designed to maintain proper spacing between the teeth, and to counter the negative side effects when clenching teeth. The patented design provides a comfort fit, while allowing for talking and breathing.

The ArmourFit™ Mouthguard is also designed for contact sports. This mouth guard affords a “dentist-like” fit, and makes it easy to talk and breathe. Again, it’s a product that provides the necessary protection, without compromising the athlete’s performance level.

For additional sports like wrestling, martial arts, basketball, and soccer, the Under Armour Mouthguard cushions all the teeth, while providing protection at the same time. As well, it shields the jaw from oncoming impact, and inhibits germ build-up between usages.

Under Armour mouth wear products are specifically designed to protect the teeth, while maintaining athletic performance and endurance. And although protecting teeth and mouth is critical, air intake is sustained, and tooth clenching is minimized. Mouth wear also helps prevent structural damage to the jaw and averts injury to the tongue and lips. In fact, appropriate mouth wear has been shown to lessen the risk of concussion.

At The Accolade Dental Centre, Under Armour performance mouth wear is available for all ages. Trained staff will help choose the right product for the sport (or athletic activity) and will ensure a perfect fit and perfect comfort. We believe in prevention, and encourage our patients to be safe, rather than sorry. Our selection of Under Armour products are quality built and engineered, and provide long-term value that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Under Armour performance mouth wear comes with the company’s Universal Guarantee Of Performance (UGOP). It means that when you purchase an Under Armour product it will perform – guaranteed. And for team at The Accolade Dental Centre, that matters.

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