Porcelain Fillings

Although porcelain may be best known for it’s use in veneers, it is also a practical and popular alternative for fillings. Porcelain fillings are often used as treatment for teeth that have advanced decay affecting a large area of enamel, thereby requiring larger fillings. They are also practical options to repair broken or fractured teeth. Porcelain fillings which are placed on the tooth to cover and protect the area where the decay or damage occurred are called porcelain onlays.

Porcelain onlays are high quality fillings that are securely cemented onto the tooth for long lasting results. They are made of durable material that also blend very well with the natural look of the tooth. Although they are very strong and last many years, onlays may eventually need to be replaced, which is common with many dental restorations.

Advantages of porcelain fillings

Porcelain is a high quality material that reflects light beautifully, similar to the way natural enamel does. As a result, it provides a very close match to natural teeth. The color and texture of Porcelain fillings blend in extremely well with your natural tooth appearance.

With proper hygiene care, Porcelain fillings will last for a very long time. Porcelain fillings generally last longer as compared to bonded fillings since they don’t wear out as quickly, and many patients believe that they tend to look better as well.

Porcelain fillings strengthen the tooth more than a regular amalgam or composite filling.

Porcelain fillings are cemented on to the tooth to create a strong and durable bond.

Porcelain fillings provide a very effective sealant on enamel, which helps to decrease the chance for further decay in the restored area.

Many dentists favor the use of porcelain fillings for teeth under chewing pressure, like the back teeth, because they provide greater strength.

Procedure for porcelain fillings
• First the the dentist will examine your tooth, then thoroughly clean it ensuring to remove all decay from the enamel, in preparation for the tooth to receive the porcelain filling.
• Then a helpful color guide will be used to find the closest possible match between the shade of your tooth and the shade of the porcelain filling.
• An impression will be taken and used to accurately measure the tooth for the creation of your porcelain filling that will result in a perfect fit.
• The porcelain filling will be bonded to your tooth, for a secure, strong, long lasting hold.

After your treatment at The Accolade Dental Centre, we will provide you with simple care instructions to aid in the longevity of your new porcelain filling. Best practices always include good oral hygiene care, a proper diet, and regular visits to your dentist.

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Porcelain fillings provide more options for your tooth restoration needs, with added benefits like longer lasting durability and undetectable, beautiful cosmetic appeal. Many of our patients have commented on their satisfaction with this type of filling option. Please don’t hesitate to give The Accolade Dental Centre a call if you want to see how you can benefit from porcelain fillings.

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