Review Us – Help us get the Word Out

1. Go to (!!you must be at!!), type in “Accolade Dental Centre Yorkville” then click search.
2. On the right hand side, our office will appear. Click the link that says “Write a Review”. It’s usually a little grey button near our reviews
3. Login to your Google account or follow the steps they show to create your own account (takes about a minute).
4. A box will appear for you to review us. Select the number of stars, then write your honest review in the box (example: what you think of the office & staff or your experience here) and then click the Publish button!  That’s it!

Common Problems

1. Not in Google. You must be in or for this to work! Some people mistakenly type into the search box. Make sure you type or into the address bar of your web browser (and not the search bar).

2. Review not able to publish. Please make sure you select the number of stars and write your review in the box. Also, make sure “public” is highlighted when you click publish (if the word public/private appear).

3. Review published but not appearing. Sometimes it takes a day or two to just show up. Sometimes Google will flag it if it looks suspicious and need a human to verify it which takes a few days.

4. Using an outdated browser. OLD technology and browsers from years ago like Internet Explorer 8 may have difficulty displaying the reviews. Please either upgrade to IE 9 and above, or download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.