Precision diagnosis with the Intra Oral Camera

Dentistry has advanced dramatically in recent years, especially with the advent of state-of-the-art technology, and with new, improved treatment techniques. For our patients, it all means quick and effective dental care, and oftentimes, without much pain. At The Accolade Dental Centre, the team is dedicated to providing the very best in dental care, combining technology, skill and a professional approach to dentistry.

Part of our high-tech approach to precision diagnosis includes the Intra Oral Camera. As the name suggests, it’s a small video camera that enables us to photograph inside the mouth, and to investigate areas of concern (both periodontal and restorative). The camera has become an invaluable tool, allowing patients to see, and better understand, the condition and status of the teeth, and to make more informed treatment decisions.

Beyond a general overview, the Intra Oral Camera brings even the smallest detail into focus. It actually allows the patient to be more involved, by seeing everything up front. All kinds of conditions are brought into focus: cracked teeth; broken fillings; deposits of plaque; even the smallest cavities. For a patient, the camera perspective is ideal in understanding a particular ailment, and appreciating a proposed treatment plan.

Our Intra Oral Camera offers superb image quality, and allows for convenient viewing on a nearby monitor. Images can easily be saved and retrieved, and in most cases can be printed out or emailed based on a patient’s specific need. As images are reviewed and assessed, our patients gain a genuine sense of involvement – being able to observe the “real-life” condition of their teeth, and being able to fully engage in next steps.

The professionals at The Accolade Dental Centre have their focus on preventative care. As such, the Intra Oral Camera provides valuable information on potential conditions. By getting a closer, more magnified look at the upper and lower teeth, it’s possible to diagnose areas of concern that might otherwise be overlooked. This is of benefit for both clinician and patient, since preventative measures might circumvent treatment.

The whole idea behind prevention is to avoid oral health problems from getting more serious. Needless to say, regular visits to the dentist are part of an effective prevention program, and the dentist’s office is the appropriate environment for precise diagnosis and assessment. We make use of a variety of diagnostic tools and techniques with our patients, all of which allow the dentist, staff and patient to be better prepared.

Indeed, our high-tech tools are employed for both diagnosis and treatment, with each having a specific purpose and a singular application. As previously described, the Intra Oral Camera is invaluable. But we also use the Canary System™ for the early detection of tooth decay, and a panoramic x-ray machine to obtain 360-degree images. In short, it’s all about providing excellent patient care from beginning to end.

Whatever brings you to our office you can be sure that our procedures and treatments will be focused on your health and wellbeing. In short, you’ll be in good hands.