If you are in the market for veneers and want the best, then look no further…The Accolade Dental Centre is proud to offer Lumineers.

What’s so special about Lumineers?

For starters, Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers, much thinner, which is important for the following reasons:

– Being that they are so thin, Lumineers can be applied over each tooth seamlessly, maintaining a natural looking smile.

– Even more beneficial, is that due to the ultra thinness of Lumineers, in most cases they are applied with very little to no reduction of your natural teeth surface. This is a significant advantage of Lumineers, as compared to what’s involved in the application process of regular veneers.

Traditional veneers are commonly quite thicker, so to prepare your teeth for them to securely fit flush on top and still look natural, requires a more aggressive procedure that removes the surface of your healthy tooth structure. This may likely need anesthesia to numb any discomfort resulting from grinding down and drilling your teeth, and even worse is that this process is not reversible.

Lumineers are comfortably applied and the process is reversible, with your natural teeth still strong and intact. There are no shots or drilling to your natural tooth structure, which is a big bonus and source of relief for many patients choosing this procedure.

Here are some examples of problems that Lumineers can eliminate:

Staining and discoloration

Many people turn to teeth whitening to brighten their smile, but this process does not always completely eliminate all of the stains, and the amount of improvement to the color of your teeth is based on the shade that your teeth are to begin with.

Another well known disadvantage is that teeth whitening does not last very long, and subsequent visits are required to repeat the procedure.

Regardless of the color or staining of your teeth, Lumineers guarantee a perfectly white smile that will last and last. Lumineers will permanently transform your smile to a bright, natural look that you will be proud of.

Chipped Teeth

If you have a chip in any of your teeth, Lumineers is a simple and painless option to restore a chipped tooth for good.

Close Spaces and Gaps between teeth

To fix a gap or space between your teeth, Lumineers can be used to eliminate excess space, without altering your original teeth.

Straighten Crooked Teeth

Many patients use Lumineers as a painless and faster alternative to braces, since they can be used to create a perfectly-aligned look to your teeth. Why endure the discomfort and length of time it takes for braces to straighten your teeth, when your smile can be corrected in only 2 visits to your dentist?

Reshape Teeth

Some patients have misshaped teeth that they feel detracts from their smile. Although they are self conscious about it, they are hesitant to put on a traditional veneer because they don’t want their tooth to be ground down. Ultra-thin Lumineers are placed directly over the original tooth, and doesn’t require grinding down of the tooth structure in most cases.

Cosmetic improvement of older dental work

Lumineers can bring a fresh and clean improvement to your smile, by painlessly covering older crowns or bridgework.

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Lumineers are a great solution to improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, discolored, misshaped or slightly crooked. The Accolade Dental Centre can make a quick and easy assessment to determine if you are a good candidate to benefit from Lumineers.

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