Emergency dentist in downtown Toronto

Dental emergencies can present with a host of different symptoms. And when it comes to pain, everyone (young and old) has a different threshold. For some, a toothache could qualify as an emergency – it’s certainly worth a call to the dentist, as it may be something more serious than just routine. On the other hand, a broken tooth, or chipped tooth, may well need some type of emergency attention. In each case, a call to an emergency dentist in downtown Toronto would be highly recommended, at which time the nature of the emergency can be properly assessed.

Just by example, a tooth that has been knocked out (an adult permanent tooth) might have two outcomes in an emergency situation. Where immediate emergency treatment is available, the tooth can be “saved”. But after about two hours, the chances of successfully “saving” the tooth are reduced. Here, access to an emergency dentist in downtown Toronto would be ideal. On the other hand, something stuck between the teeth, although painful, may not be urgent. Dental emergency or not, seeing the dentist as soon as possible is the preferred treatment approach.

The truth is, with many dental emergencies, the sooner treatment begins, the better the results. And with an emergency dentist in downtown Toronto, the extended clinic hours and weekend appointments are a welcome option for relieving pain and beginning immediate treatment. Simply put, an experienced emergency dentist, with a great dental team, can make a difference. And in situations where a tooth can be saved, instead of sacrificed, emergency services are of even greater benefit. As well, the emergency dentist does not have to be your regular dentist.

For most patients with a dental emergency, there’s usually added worry and concern. Here, it’s a great advantage to be able to call in for advice – is it right to take a painkiller – should a lost tooth be put in the fridge – is a hot cloth preferable to a cold cloth – or is it just best to go to the hospital? All of the questions are relevant, and a good dentist will have appropriate answers. As for treatment, a concerned dentist will actually move appointments around to accommodate a patient emergency. That’s when a good patient-dentist relationship can really pay off.

Throughout the dental community there is still some debate about what’s an emergency, what’s urgent, and what’s acute. But for the ailing patient, definitions don’t quite matter, and a good dentist recognizes that attending to the distress is a priority. A missing filling, a broken bridge, or a cracked crown are all diagnosed best by the dentist, and along with the patient, the nature of urgency can be decided. After all, for some patients, cosmetic tooth damage qualifies as an urgent situation, while for others it’s the excruciating pain that constitutes an emergency.

Dental emergencies are usually unforeseen, and always unwelcome. It therefore pays to have a good family dentist, with a conscientious approach to dental health, who’s ready to help.