Early detection and monitoring of tooth decay

As with any health concern, early detection is essential for effective and successful treatment. In dentistry, the Canary System® is an advanced diagnostics tool that provides accurate detection of cavities on all tooth surfaces. Diagnosis allows for examination between the teeth, under any dental
sealants, and around the margins of existing restorations. It’s a system that detects even the tiniest of cavities.

With the Canary System®, we can explore the crystal structure of the teeth, even below the surface. Conventional exploration and visual inspection just can’t provide the same kind of detail. The Canary System®
allows for the detection of decay at a very early se – it means that “remineralization” therapy is possible, with potential to reverse damage, and avoid the cost
and discomfort of doing restorative work.

During the diagnostic procedure, the Canary
System® is instrumental in identifying sub-surface decay that may already be advanced. This is critical because these types of undetected conditions could lead to more serious problems, including issues with root
canals. With an accuracy rate of 97%, the Canary System® is completely non-invasive, preserving the integrity of the
patient’s teeth throughout the mouth.

At the Accolade Dental Centre, we use this system because it’s more comprehensive and accurate than any other – it can actually detect cavities at an earlier stage than x-rays. And we use it in a wide variety of applications: for smooth enamel surfaces; root surfaces; “occlusal”
surfaces; inter-proximal regions; around existing fillings; and beneath any dental sealants. In each case, early detection can’t be undervalued.

Early detection has many benefits. For small cavities, the clinicians at the Accolade Dental Centre can
”remineralize” the patient’s tooth enamel, and avoid the need for any filling. “Remineralization” of the enamel can actually extend the life of the tooth by postponing the placement and/or replacement
of fillings. Indeed, this is the real essence of a preventive approach, and without the need for additional intervention.

The professionals at the Accolade Dental Centre are focused on prevention – so early detection of cavities is integral to our approach. With the Canary System®, advance diagnosis allows for decay to be arrested or reversed – it allows the team to use treatments that include “remineralization”, sealants, or varnishes. In more serious cases, detection may uncover issues that
might otherwise have gone undetected.

Because of recent advances in technology and methodology, traditional diagnostic technologies are just not adequate enough. Conventional technologies, x-rays, visual inspection, and manual probing are of little consequence when a decayed area of the tooth is either very small or below the surface. In short, early detection is limited with conventional means, and as a result, so is the likelihood of stopping damage.

As a patient, there’s no reason to settle for less. The Accolade Dental Centre is at the forefront of dentistry, with the latest diagnostic tools and technologies. Our focus is on prevention, and our emphasis is on meeting and exceeding your expectations. Whether it’s about diagnosis or treatment, we incorporate advanced technologies and highly skilled clinicians, while treating dental conditions for young and old.