Dental Tips for Parents

At the Accolade Dental Centre, children’s dental health is a clinic specialty. Suffice to say that the earlier a parent begins teaching dental hygiene, the better the outcomes. The truth is, with proper teaching, there’s no need for undue promising, pleading, or bargaining – the whole experience of dental hygiene can become enjoyable and productive. Clearly, dental tips will be different for different ages, but the common objective is always the same, and the sooner the good habits are formed, the better. For parents and dentists alike, prevention is the key.

A good model for oral hygiene

Young children will always imitate their parents. So it makes sense that letting children watch their parents brush will only create a good model to follow. Participation is the next logical step.

Promoting self-independence

Most children like to “do-it-themselves”. When brushing teeth, it may not go well at the start, but with regularity, there’s proficiency and better results. Sometimes, there’s room for parental help.

Making the process more fun

Creating a playful atmosphere can make a big difference when its tooth brushing time. And when it’s necessary for a parent to finish off the job, the environment is more fun and less controlling.

Establishing a regular routine

When children understand that brushing teeth is part of a regular routine (morning and night), it becomes much easier to manage and far less difficult to maintain. Here, patience is required.

Getting the dentist to help out

Getting the dentist involved can pay dividends. They have the tools and techniques (including giveaways) that always elicit patient participation. It’s also important to diminish the fear factor.

Choosing a personal toothbrush

Good or bad, no child can resist a toothbrush with an action hero or cartoon character. It’s exciting, and it’s fun, and it works! Personally choosing the toothbrush also makes for success.

Choosing the right toothpaste

While product manufacturers and dental associations have their own endorsements, being well informed is the best. Discriminative shopping with the child may be a good idea for this task.

Explaining dental health habits

Children respond better when they understand. As such, talking to them about cavities and tooth decay (without getting overly technical) will ensure personal responsibility and participation.

Specialized tools and techniques

Depending on the child, different techniques work on different age groups. A musical timer is a good option. Making brushing into a game is also good. And sometimes – the rewards work best.

Important note about baby teeth

Some parents might decide to skip out on tooth brushing for baby teeth. And although these baby teeth will eventually fall out, nothing is better than early training and early dental hygiene habits.

At the Accolade Dental Centre, children’s dental health is a clinic specialty. The environment is comfortable and stress free, and the dental team is focused on prevention – it’s about preventing short-term tooth decay; avoiding the need for future orthodontics; and averting the potential for disease.  Everyone at the Accolade Dental Centre encourages regular dental checkups, regardless of a child’s age. And most importantly, they promote regular and consistent maintenance.