Teeth Whitening

The colour of our teeth is as individual as we are human beings, and that simply means that the “natural” colour of teeth is within a given range. The truth is, the most natural thing about our teeth is that they darken as we age. But not to forget, the colour and appearance of our teeth can be directly affected by a variety of surface stains. And that’s actually our own personal responsibility, because those stains accumulate with prolonged use of tobacco, or with continued consumption of food and drink that leave their mark.

Health Canada reminds us that “teeth are not naturally meant to be completely white”, but we know only too well, that from time to time, we want a whiter, brighter smile. And because of this, the marketplace is full of whitening techniques, methods and procedures. At the same time, Health Canada also reminds us that “whitening” claims must be accurate when described, and in so doing, must not mislead in any way.
Needless to say, it’s very important for consumers to be informed and educated and then make informed decisions.

At the Accolade Dental Centre, we do not perform miracles, and we do not make promises that are considered unreasonable. But the results we can deliver are measurable. And to be honest, sometimes there are patients who are dissatisfied. But we know from years of clinic experience, and from our many happy patients, that dissatisfaction often comes from unrealistic expectations. Human teeth cannot become white like photocopy paper, even at their whitest of whites. And that’s because nature didn’t make teeth like that.

Today, with significant advances in science, whitening agents have become increasingly safer and more effective than in the past. And for all intents, “whitening” is an effective, safe, and pretty inexpensive cosmetic procedure for most. Among dental professionals, it’s generally agreed that patients who present with very yellow teeth can expect to come out with teeth that are two shades whiter. But even with the most modern state-of-the-art whitening techniques, there can be variation in results, and this should be understood.

“Whitening” procedures are, quite simply, designed to lighten discolored teeth, and with the appropriate professional supervision, it’s a straightforward process that can be easily accomplished in one office visit. The best news for patients is that results are practically immediate, and without the need to bother with those store-bought strips and gels. But whatever “whitening” method is employed, it’s best to proceed under safe, controlled conditions – and that’s achieved through an established and reputable dental office.

For the professionals at the Accolade Dental Centre, the ultimate objective for patients is to leave the office with a sparkling, beautiful smile. The equipment we use is high-tech; the dental team is highly trained and skilled; and the patient service and support is of the highest caliber. Rest assured that you are in good hands, while we provide a customized approach that suits YOU, the patient. We will recommend a treatment that’s right for you, and advise on the best approach for your individual case.